Pride is on the Line in the Philippines

CULMINATION ACTIVITY cum AWARDS NIGHT 2014 I have no idea what the title of this weekend’s activities really means, but I believe it is a special event designed to fill the void between the last village celebration and the upcoming Christmas holidays. Every barangay village has their regularly occurring annual fiesta along with a host […]

Out of Stock!

ANOTHER MANGO MOMENT…. Today was a good day for picking up some much-needed groceries so we headed to town after our first cup of coffee. When we get an early start, we will usually stop in at Isla Cafe in Calbayog City for a quick breakfast before the grocery store opens where we can drink […]

No I Can’t – Yes I Can!

ANOTHER MANGO MOMENT…  Occasionally, there is a need to keep the banana grove in our back yard in check. Today I removed 5 banana plants from the yard. They grow faster than weeds and they can get really messy and if allowed to get out of control, can become more of a nuisance than what […]

Philippines Enters Record Book….Again!

Another Guinness Record! Cebu City, Philippines. Once again, the Philippines has added another category to their collection of acolades in the Guinness Book of World Records. This time they danced their way into the books with ZUMBA for having the largest ZUMBA class ever assembled. The previous record was held by India with more than 6,600 dancers. […]

New Video…Just In, er…Out!

15 Ways To Have More Fun in the Philippines It’s never a surprise when a new promotional video about the Philippines surfaces. Keep in mind though that most of these promos only show the good side of life here. You have to dig deeper on your own to get the real picture. Nonetheless, life is […]