ZUMBA in Paradise

For the sake of those who have never heard of Zumba, I will explain.  Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program for all ages, women and men alike. It incorporates a number of different kinds of traditional dances with easy-to-follow dance and aerobic choreography into a fun exercise-class format. This dance craze is a worldwide […]

A New Stance on Philippines Immigration

Taken from the SUN STAR Cagayan de Oro By Alyssa C. Clenuar Wednesday, August 20, 2014 FOREIGNERS, who want to stay in the Philippines, whether as tourists or immigrants, will now be required of their biometrics. Under the Comprehensive Alien Mapping Program or the Alien Registration Project created by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the […]

Real Filipino Time Scenario

Filipino Time – Unplugged! I am thoroughly convinced that there is a Filipino version of Murphy’s Law in play. Just as sure as the world turns, Murphy could just as well been of Filipino descent, because the perceived perversity of the universe will just as easily catch up with you here as it will anywhere. […]

Philippines Real Estate – Agency Laws

When searching for real estate in the Philippines, there are many places you can begin searching, like online, for your dream property. If you have real estate brokerage firms located in your area, this is a good place to begin. A good source for real estate can also be banks or mortgage companies that have inventories […]