Philippine Internet Issues

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – An Internet connectivity issue is currently affecting a large portion of the Asia-Pacific region. Damaged submarine cables connecting 9 countries – including the Philippines – to the rest of the world online are causing issues for many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) locally and in the region. At least two Philippine ISPs […]

Prison Break in Calbayog City

This news was reported today in the Calbayog Post online. If you are from the local area, please be cautious as these escapees are armed and dangerous. Update: 16 inmates escape Calbayog City jail – PNP APRIL 02, 2014   CALBAYOGPOST CALBAYOG CITY, Samar – Sixteen inmates escape from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) […]

Our First Fiesta!

Our First Fiesta? While it’s not exactly our first go-round with attending a fiesta, it is the first time we have participated as a host. Since we are now  residents of the Barangay, this is the “first” time we got to experience the fiesta from the inside…the giving side. The annual Tomaligues fiesta is billed […]