A Call-Out to Filipinos Overseas!


It’s only been a couple of days since the 4th of July (Philippine-American Friendship Day) and I have been seeing this post make its way around facebook and some online Filipino and expat forums. I thought it would be nice to share. Obviously written by a Filipino patriot but the actual author’s name is unknown.

“The Philippines has a long history with America. We were once an American Colony and one of its commonwealth nations. We could have been like Hawaii today, but our leaders then opted for independence.

Then aspiring president Manuel Quezon proudly boasted “I would rather have the Philippines run like hell by Filipinos, than run like heaven by the Americans.” He was right. He and other leaders after him ran the Philippines like hell, causing our best and our brightest to leave the country in droves, especially during Marcos years.

That flood gate of economic and political migration continued to pour when our neighboring countries became highly developed (again during Marcos years), leaving us in the bottom of the poorest countries in the world. It turned our teachers into domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore, and Engineers into construction laborers in the middle east. In America and Canada, our doctors became health care givers, only at the bottom of their hospital staff. They even have to work under nurses.

Today, we celebrate our friendship with America with mixed feelings. Grateful for our mighty ally for liberating us from the cruel Japanese invaders, but maybe giving us back our freedom too early too soon. Like an insecure teenager with car keys and loads of cash, we crashed and ended up broke, then blame America (our dad), for our woes. Truth is, like a dysfunctional kid, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Let me use this moment to encourage our Filipino brothers and sisters in America to come home. Don’t just send home the money you have earned, come home and share the knowledge you have learned. Help your fellow Filipinos bloom where they are born and grow where they are planted. Help us grow our country from ground up! The Philippines do not just need your remittance dollars, we need your physical presence while you can still serve.

A prosperous Philippines will make a better friend of America.”

~ Author unknown.

This call to come home might come to fruition if President Duterte get things straightened out. Then again, maybe not.