Calbayog City Construction Updates

On a recent trip to town for groceries, I dropped off the wife and, since I had my camera with me, I thought it would be a good time to get some updated photos of the current major construction processes of some new shopping venues currently underway in Calbayog City.


The first new business to open looks like it will be the new Novo store. We already have a Novo Fashion & General Merchandise outlet, but now we will have another. It will be called NOVO2 and will feature two floors of general merchandise and a 3 floor NOVOTEL above that. I don’t have much information about the hotel but I believe it is part of the Asia Novotel Group. Upon close inspection of the building, it looks like it could open soon. There are already store fixtures set up and in place on the second floor and the first floor looks about complete and ready for occupancy.

Novo Store similar to that already in Calbayog City.

A Novo Store similar to that already in Calbayog City.


The new Novo2 and Novotel.

I’m going to venture a guess and say the area where the new Novo2 is located will soon become traffic congested as the new Gaisano Super Metro is located almost directly across the street.

Gaisano Metro Hypermarket

Recently, the Visayas Operations Manager Of Metro Retail Stores (Super Metro) announced during their recent job fair at the Calbayog City Sports Complex that their branch in Calbayog which is the “Super Metro Calbayog” will open in January or February 2016!  Since then, an official announcement has been issued that the Grand Opening will be in January 2016. Once opened, it is said that the supermarket will be called “Metro Hypermarket.” Don’t hold me to that because I thought the “Hypermarket” was a Robinson’s trademark. Anyway, from the exterior of the building, you can see that all the ventilation and aircon ducting has been installed inside and work has begun on the exterior and the main entrance. It won’t be that much longer and we will be able to shop for groceries in aircon comfort and style! I know all of us expats are anxious to see the selections of foods and produce.


Work progresses on the new Gaisano Super Metro.

Work progresses on the new Gaisano Super Metro.


Gaisano Grand Mall

The other big ongoing project is the Gaisano Grand Mall located downtown Calbayog and is always a beehive of activity these days. Recent news indicates this new mall is a two building mall, with the 4 story building (currently under construction) will be connected via a pedestrian bridge to the 5 story structure across the street (not under construction yet). It looks like it might be a while before the wife gets to spend money here.


Gaisano Grand viewed from Magsaysay Blvd.

Gaisano Grand viewed from Magsaysay Blvd.

Gaisano Grand Mall viewed from Navarro Street.

Gaisano Grand Mall viewed from Navarro Street.


In other rumored news:

  • Chinabank and BDO employees are already in training for Calbayog branch, to be located at Robinson’s Place – Calbayog sometime in 2017.
  • SM Representatives visited Calbayog recently to look for a possible site of Savemore.
  • There will be news about SM Calbayog, very soon???

This is all too much news for me to handle in one day so I think I will retire from this post and have a cold refreshment. All this future shopping makes me nervous.