Anything Goes!

The End of a Blog?

Not So Fast! First things first, I need to apologize to all my valued visitors and blog subscribers for the disruption of my service. My site was hacked a little over a week ago and the result was that all visitors were being redirected to various porn sites. Last week, I posted this on Facebook: […]

Social Security Changes Happening NOW!

Changes to Social Security Claiming Rules. Just when you thought it was safe to begin planning on a retirement this year, the government passes a bill which changes the game for many, and specifically for those who will be turning 62 this year. I have attached a link to an article from Money Magazine that […]

Are We Living in a Warped World?

It Just Don’t Seem Right! Last week when the news broke about Kanye West’s $53 million dollar debt problem, I though to myself, “What a fool! … he should have done better with his earnings and spending his money. I thought this guy really lacks frugality!”  And that is about all the thought I gave […]

OMG, I’ve Been Taken Aback!

Someone is in the Attack Mode! Today, I was taken aback by some harsh comments that were directed at me in a Facebook forum that I visit regularly here in the Philippines. Most days when I visit this forum, I witness good information, stories, great guidance and good advice. In this forum, I rarely comment […]

Facebook White Page of Death

Facebook White Page of Death (WPOD) It’s my latest ailment…and it comes complete with withdrawals! I believe it was sometime on October 3rd, I attempted to log on to Facebook and all I received for my query was a “white screen.”  Not totally white, but with the browser header and toolbar showing. There was absolutely […]

A Filipina and a Cheesesteak!

While visiting Guam this week, we stopped in at the Air Force Base Exchange Food Court one day for lunch. After living in the Philippines for nearly 3 years, it was an easy lunch choice for me to make…I was having a Philly Cheesesteak! My wife decided on Popeye’s Chicken so as she walked over […]

Reasons, Reflections, Time Travel, and the Final Frontier!

Reflections Because today is my birthday, and whenever I have a birthday, I like to look back and reflect. I think back of the days when I was a boy growing up, observing my grandfather ease through his remaining days. He mostly hung with the other retired guys at the soda fountain on Main street […]

One Thing Leads to Another

One Thing Leads to Another Or…It’s Just a Case of Perfect Timing! As sure as Jupiter revolves around the sun just like the Earth, the orbit is somewhat longer and therefore takes much longer to accomplish the evolution. Sort of like the way things happen here in the Philippines. I recently wrote about the new […]

No Shortage of Strange!

Just like an any other ordinary day anywhere else in the world, I opened the spam folder in an email account I rarely use. By the looks of all the mail I have collected there, you would think I am hooked up with a Nigerian prince and all of his trustees, executors, and lawyer friends. […]