Not in Stock!

Not in Stock! Today while having coffee in town with my friend Carl, I had to tell him about my funny “omelet” story at this same place. One day, my wife and I came in for breakfast and she ordered eggs, bacon and toast and I ordered an omelet with toast and coffee. After ten […] Read More

A Filipina and a Cheesesteak!

While visiting Guam this week, we stopped in at the Air Force Base Exchange Food Court one day for lunch. After living in the Philippines for nearly 3 years, it was an easy lunch choice for me to make…I was having a Philly Cheesesteak! My wife decided on Popeye’s Chicken so as she walked over […] Read More

Another Mango Moment

Sweet Mango Moment Last week I went into town for some office supplies and took along my 23-year-old nephew for a ride-a-long. While in town, he decided to look around for a new Polo style shirt so I dropped him at several places. After carousing three different stores, he came up empty. So I suggested […] Read More

Life Is Cheesey!

Another Mango Moment. I went to the grocery store in Calbayog City today to pick up some cheese for our occasional afternoon (marienda) grilled cheese snacks. While staring at the shelf which held the only two brands of cheese available (Eden and Magnolia), I asked the stock clerk that was standing there “where is the good […] Read More