Another Day in Paradise

No Dr.’s Appointment – No Complaints!

Around the world, there seems to be no shortage of complaints when it comes to health care providers, customer service, and complaints surrounding appointments and waiting times to see your doctor. Generally speaking, in the U.S. anyway, if you want to see a specific doctor, you usually need to make an appointment. Like many others, […]

Now Serving Coffee…After Hours!

My wife approached me yesterday and informed me that we needed to donate coffee to the barangay for their security detail. I asked “what security detail?” and she explained that for several months now, our barangay has 3 roving patrols and one supervisor that stay awake and patrol our village streets all night, watching over […]

ZUMBA and a Massage

  My wife asked me today if I wanted to go to town this evening and workout at “My Body” Fitness Center in Calbayog City. After working outside most of the day, I was pretty exhausted and suggested that I would drive her to her ZUMBA workout and I’ll get a P300 massage ($6.89) while […]

Impending Danger on Philippine Streets

There are dangers lurking, waiting to claim the next victim, and I warned them! Today I finished working on the yard outside our  compound and while sitting down to rest, I took in  and enjoyed all the children playing on the street.  Until some would ride their bikes past me (with some  three and four […]

Video – Ciriaco Hotel & Resort, Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines

Occasionally, my wife and I will head to town early in the day to take care of some business or do pick up supplies and we always make a stop that includes coffee and breakfast and Wi-Fi fix at a local coffee shop, Isla Cafe in Calbayog City. Upon arriving this day, we were told that […]

Too Many Bananas Can Make You Go Bananas!

  When our banana harvest begins to  ripen, we either have to give most of  them  away, or suffer the consequences  of eating bananas for breakfast, lunch  and  dinner (constipation) 😛  And while  bananas in syrup  is nothing new, my  wife just realized that instead of wasting  all the syrup from the large cans of […]

Home Maintenance in the Philippines

After only 9 months of use, both shower valves (Chinese made) failed and had to be replaced (leaking). So, after a quick trip to town to get two new valves, and a little elbow grease, the job is done… all before 8am. Now, what time is that fiesta today?

Mothers Day in the Philippines

We had been planning to attend a local village fiesta today in the Barangay of Tinambacan Norte, just a short drive up the coast north of where we live. Food, fun, friends and cold drinks – I always look forward to attending fiestas. Well, last night while watching TV, I just happened to ask my […]

Borrowing Babies in the Philippines!

We went to town (Calbayog City) and kidnapped our grand-niece this morning and brought her home. Needless to say, I didn’t get anything accomplished the rest of the day! We ransomed her back to her parents later in the evening for a freshly baked rice cake from a local bakery. We are currently planning further […]