On Top of Samar in the Philippines

Why do people climb Mt. Everest? Because it is there. Why did I climb the mountain that overlooks our village of Tomaligues? Because it is here!  Well actually, I needed some photos and my nieces and nephews are always looking for an adventure with their Tito. While it’s not really a mountain, it’s definitely one […] Read More

Demolition of a Bahay

Just about the time we’ve grown accustomed to enjoying the features of our new home, we have come to the realization that, and in the name of progress, we must now destroy part of that which has been built. After many months of deliberations about buying a car, we finally bit the bullet and bought […] Read More

Our First Fiesta!

Fiesta at Home. While it’s not exactly our first go-round with attending a fiesta, it is the first time we have participated as a host. Since we are now residents of the Barangay, this is the “first” time we got to experience the fiesta from the inside…the giving side. The annual Tomaligues fiesta is billed […] Read More