Another Day in Paradise

Our Philippines Electric Bill – No Indictments Here!

Our Philippines Electric Bill – No Indictments Here! Today is the day we will receive our electric bill and, being in and of a retired status, I will usually set my calendar by it. Our electric meter will not only be read today, but we will also receive the bill, whether we are home or […]

Video – Exploring the Philippines; Caving in Samar

TREXPLORE Adventures Joni Bonifacio of TREXPLORE Adventures is once again with his Italian caving visitors who keep coming back to Samar for more extreme adventure. With many kilometers of underground river yet to explore, each day brings more mapping, more adventure, and more fun in the Philippines. The first part of the video features visits to […]

The Homecoming!

Continuation of “Return to Samar” Upon arriving in Calbayog City, Samar, our first day was filled with Teri and the kinfolk reminiscing about old times. They shared and held many discussions about this and that, mostly that, while I enjoyed funning with all the nieces and nephews. I kept them all guessing, and always on […]