Customs and Culture

Video – The Bamboo Craftsmen in the Philippines

Since I first arrived in the Philippines back in 1983, I’ve always been amazed how so many crafters made their living in wood carving, furniture making, etc. As an apprentice cabinet-maker when I was young, I was exposed and trained to use many power tools and machines to accomplish the job. To this day, many […]

Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

While the Christmas season started seemingly many weeks ago here in the Philippines, the spirited activity of caroling begins in the middle part of December and will continue until Christmas. Once the Dawn Mass known as “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi “ starts, carolers will head out in groups, going house to house spreading […]

Fiesta Update!

This is just a short post adding a little more information to my previous Fiesta Time post and some pics that we obtained while attending Calbayog City’s annual Fiesta recently. When we visited a friend’s home in town to share in their offering of some Filipino delicacies, we also found ourselves simultaneously attending a “house […]

Balikbayan Insights

Today we took a trip to Memphis to VGM Food and Deli, a Filipino run business offering Filipino dry goods, food stuffs, a Filipino deli and restaurant, and balikbayan shipping services. My wife has been an shipping agent for these folks for some time, but today we decided to get two newly packed boxes off […]

Understanding Balikbayan Shipping

Shipping Balikbayan (This post was originally written while we were awaiting our move to the Philippines and has since been reviewed and edited for accuracy.) If there is one thing we know well, it is balikbayan  shipping. Over the years, we have shipped our  share of BB boxes to the wife’s home province. So  much […]

The Origin of Filipino Time

FILIPINO TIME – In The Beginning If you scour all the blogs about the Philippines, you will find many a reference made to “Filipino Time”. There is never a better time to delve into this tradition for a better understanding of why being late for everything is considered the norm in the Philippines (pun intended). […]

The Philippine Wife – The “Asawa”

There are many obvious and untold reasons why I love my asawa (pictured here) but, I won’t detail or discect our relationship here out of respect for her, not to mention it could land me in hot water with the further possibility of  “bolo” justice being levied on me. Just kidding. But I can tell […]