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TRICARE for Retired U.S. Military in the Philippines

TRICARE Health Care Coverage Since arriving in the Philippines over two years ago, and aside from the normal “getting old” symptoms, I’ve been fortunate that my health remains good and that aside from some very minor things, I’ve never had to rely on the use of my TRICARE Overseas Program benefits. TRICARE is the health […]

Live in the Philippines…And All The True Advice!

Bad Advice – Can Be Worse Than No Advice At All! I seem to have this penchant for confronting people online – especially when I  suspect know they are providing erroneous advice to folks whom are looking  for  information. Rarely do I provide advice on issues I know little about, and  when I  do, at a […]

A New Stance on Philippines Immigration

Taken from the SUN STAR Cagayan de Oro By Alyssa C. Clenuar Wednesday, August 20, 2014 FOREIGNERS, who want to stay in the Philippines, whether as tourists or immigrants, will now be required of their biometrics. Under the Comprehensive Alien Mapping Program or the Alien Registration Project created by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the […]

Departing the Philippines – Exit Clearance’s

As we prepare to depart the Philippines for a short trip to Guam, I felt the need to review the Bureau of Immigration’s policy on Emigration Clearance Certificates (ECC). There seems to always be some confusion on the Bureau’s latest rules on ECC’s. NOTICE! Since posting this article, I have posted new and updated information […]

Bureau of Animal Industry, Philippines – Beware of New Scam!

Recently I posted an update on the trouble I was having getting connected with the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) in Metro Manila. It seems their published email address is no longer valid, has been changed, and a possible oversight by the BAI by not updating that address on their website may have led to […]

Shipping Household Goods (HHG) to the Philippines

I recently posted an article about Balikbayan Shipping and another article on some recently uncovered insights into balikbayan shipping discoveries and future expectations. While you can ship just about anything that will fit into a balikbayan box, shipping larger items must be left to a major carrier or international shipping company such as American, Allied, […]

In the Philippines, Timing is Everything!

If you have been thinking of retiring and moving to a warmer climate with a lower cost of living, it may be comforting to know that the Philippine economy is emerging. Actually, it is Booming! A move now (or in the near future) could be the just the right time for

Balikbayan Insights

Today we took a trip to Memphis to VGM Food and Deli, a Filipino run business offering Filipino dry goods, food stuffs, a Filipino deli and restaurant, and balikbayan shipping services. My wife has been an shipping agent for these folks for some time, but today we decided to get two newly packed boxes off […]

[Before Paradise] Time For Paperworks!

Now that the dust has settled after closing the sale of the home and getting everything packed and shipped, it’s time to get the ‘paperworks’ in order to apply for my permanent resident visa. Many expats may initially choose to go live in the Philippines under a Section 9 series visa (non-immigrant visas) which is really designed […]