In the Philippines

Celebrating the Holidays, Both of Them!

Let’s Party! Just over a week ago, a local expat (Aussie) and friend who lives here in Calbayog asked if anyone knew whether the Americans where planning anything for the 4th of July holiday. No sooner than the day after he suggested it, it was quickly determined that any get together should be located in […]

Cost of Living in the Philippines – Another Update!

How Much Does It Cost To Live In The Philippines! I was sitting here contemplating whether I even felt like putting out a post today. Then I happened upon a Yahoo News Article that painted a rather bleak picture to anyone in the western world aspiring to live or retire in the Philippines (P120k monthly […]

ISKOLAR Scholarships, Philippines – It’s Not Easy!

ISKOLAR-Calbayog Scholarships Since arriving here to live during the early summer of 2013, one of our nieces has been placed on the endangered species list, or so it seems. Since she has graduated from high school (under the old 10 year education system) in 2014, she has only been making rare appearances these days. Reason? […]

Comparing Small Island Life to Calbayog City

Written by John T. Van Warrebey: Living in the Philippines is very different and difficult at times. But for some, it brings challenges daily to learn from. I can not think of any comparison to living in the Philippines and say any where in the U.S.  Living in an any small town in the U.S. […]

My Blogging Life is Evolving – Philippines

Start a Blog and Move to the Philippines … and document all the adventures (and mis-adventures) heretofore and hereafter, to entertain the world, er…well, those few that would be interested anyway. Blogging, It seemed easy enough. Actually it has always been easy up until recently. It has been nearly three years (July 3rd) since we […]

The Beach, Alcohol Ban, and a New Philippines President!

It’s been an interesting few days… coming into and out of the elections here in the Philippines. On Saturday morning (may 7th) I reminded my wife of the upcoming alcohol ban beginning election eve and lasting through election day (8th & 9th of May), and suggested to her that she pick up some beer at […]

Samar’s First New Car Dealership, Calbayog City – Soon!

Recently it was announced by officials at Calbayog City that Toyota is locating a new car dealership here in Calbayog. The location is just east of the city at the junction of Magsaysay Extended at the Maharlika Highway. Maybe this will encourage other dealers, like Mitsubishi, to also come this way (so we don’t need […]

They Speak Waray!

How to Speak Waray For many years I have stood firm in my convictions that I do not need to learn another dialect in the Philippines when the “national language” is Tagalog and everyone is supposed to speak Tagalog. I mean why should I struggle to learn more (Waray) than I need to going forward, […]

Climate Change in the Philippines!

A Sunday Solar Event. You are probably asking yourself, “Did I miss something?” Is the climate changing in the Philippines? Yes, It usually does!  Because it is another scorching afternoon here in the Philippines, this post could be more aptly named A Sunday Scorcher, but that doesn’t have a very pleasant connotation to it. Besides, […]