Before Paradise

Balikbayan Insights

Today we took a trip to Memphis to VGM Food and Deli, a Filipino run business offering Filipino dry goods, food stuffs, a Filipino deli and restaurant, and balikbayan shipping services. My wife has been an shipping agent for these folks for some time, but today we decided to get two newly packed boxes off […]

[Before Paradise] Time For Paperworks!

Now that the dust has settled after closing the sale of the home and getting everything packed and shipped, it’s time to get the ‘paperworks’ in order to apply for my permanent resident visa. Many expats may initially choose to go live in the Philippines under a Section 9 series visa (non-immigrant visas) which is really designed […]

[Before Paradise] The Kayak and the Coffee Pot

Well, we finally closed the sale of our long time home here in Tupelo, MS and are finally settled into our temporary house. A friend of ours just happened to acquire a foreclosure and with the perfect timing. He made us a deal we couldn’t refuse….month to month rent with the first month free as […]

[Before Paradise] It’s All Over!

We are down to packing a lonely box here and there but now it is becoming really difficult to find things to pack. What I mean is that when we began packing, there was no shortage of finding “things” that would fit nicely into the boxes, filling up the voids and all the nooks and […]

[Before Paradise] It’s Mass Chaos!

Yesterday I wrote about going back to work – fixing, repairing, installing, etc. The roof repairs have been made, the new toilet flange and bolts are in, and the electrician is coming today. Until he arrives, I’ve begun some serious packing. Up until now, we have packed things with a certain methodology; we packed all […]

[Before Paradise] Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go…

If you haven’t been following closely, we have an accepted offer on the house but it is contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection. The inspector was here last Thursday, and the report was received on Saturday morning. Aside from the normal nit-picky stuff a home inspector normally finds, there were just a few

[Before Paradise] Manic Monday!

It’s Monday! But it’s not just another ordinary pre-defined dreary, drabby Monday. It’s a MANIC MONDAY! Everyone knows that each day of the week has a definite personality, but today’s Monday will be unlike any other Monday I will probably ever experience. Reason: we have a

[Before Paradise] Build It and They Will Come!

Last week, I no sooner finished building a business website for a friend, and I found myself building a simple website of our home for sale. I figured that while I was still in the website building mode, it couldn’t possibly hurt to have another site where the house could be found online. I mean, […]