Before Paradise

[Before Paradise] Photo Mess or Mass Confusion!

The last couple days (and I mean full days), have been spent cleaning out a large drawer full of old photos. This drawer has been a dedicated catch all spot over the years every time we come home with another roll of developed photos. It’s just so easy to bring them home, look at them, […]

Can You Retire in Paradise?

Retire Abroad? Have you ever thought of just packing up and moving to paradise, wherever that may be? Of course you have! We all have! At some point in most people’s lives (usually later in life) priorities shift and visions of a better quality of life begin to emerge. And when these thoughts begin to […]

Want Nostalgia? Move to the Philippines!

Some days when people ask me why I decided to leave my country and move to the Philippines, I feel sorry for them that they would even engage me about it. Oh well they asked for it!  But then, I can explain all the why’s until I’m blue in the face, and it never ever […]

[Before Paradise] Yesterday Was Good – Today Was Better!

…From the home front! Today I uncovered our old Polaroid One Step camera tucked away in a drawer. Being the curious kind (meanderer) of guy that I am, I immediately went to Google for help. A couple of Yahoo questions here and blog posts there of inquiries into buying Polaroid cameras and whether the film […]

[Before Paradise] If I Were Selling a Jeepney, It Would Be Sold Already!

The anxiety of moving to paradise can be taxing. Anyone who has ever made the move to their chosen Philippines paradise can attest to the frustrations involved in the planning, packing and waiting….waiting…. and waiting some more before that departure day finally comes. We have made some good strides in preparing to move, but this […]

[Before Paradise] Indian Relics To Be Showcased – Somewhere!

Today is the day I meet with another buyer and this time I’m offering up all the ‘museum pieces’ collected from my back yard.  All the arrow and knife points pictured below with some flint scraping tools, a handful of pottery shards, and two petrified wood pieces were all found by me during my backyard […]

[Before Paradise] The “Meanderthal” in Me!

Mixed Emotions! I Made some progress but with much emotion as today was a bittersweet day. It was time to depart with something I knew I probably shouldn’t take to the Philippines. When downsizing or preparing to move, there is always something that must be sacrificed. Yesterday I received yet another call from my Craigslist post […]

[Before Paradise] I Might As Well Be a Blind Monkey!

I’m a “Meanderthal Man” (more meandering than packing) when it comes to packing. Yesterday I packed 1 box. ONE pitiful box! If I haven’t mentioned this before, when the de-cluttering begins, things that you haven’t seen for a millennium magically appear. It’s gotta be the “First Law of Clutter” – the one where clutter tends […]

[Before Paradise] Lost and Found

When the packing begins, you just never know what you might find packed away in the attic or in the bottom of a closet or elsewhere. While going through some stuff in my closet this week, I found several odds and ends and things that I really have no use for anymore, and one thing […]