Getting Vocal with a Local!

Some Days, It’s Just Not That Easy!

This morning I decided to just turn off the TV and shed all the negativity that is emanating in every direction from the U.S. election on almost every channel. So I head to town with my wife for a few hours just for a little chill time, taking a much deserved break from all the constant bickering and sarcasm that permeates our daily life. So I park the car and that is when I noticed the new bakery …



A More Serious Mango Moment!

Then it was off to the Post Office where I was prepared to let loose on somebody… anybody. Our local carrier (messenger as they are called here) delivered a letter this morning that I have been waiting on for well over a month. I have been to the post office in Calbayog City twice a week for several weeks now looking for this letter. (You can read more about my past Post Office adventures at the link I have posted below.) When I looked at the postmarks on the envelope, I could see where it was received in Manila on October 6th, forwarded and received by the Calbayog City post office on October 12th. Today is November 8th. The fact that I have been to the post office many times over the last few weeks looking for this letter did not prohibit the postmaster from blaming the messenger… again. Two weeks ago, I was told by the postmaster that the messenger was in the hospital for asthma and that he probably had the letter in his possession. “In his possession? In the hospital?” I exclaimed! It was then that someone found the messenger’s mail bag under a desk in a dark corner of the post office. They searched through the satchel, but found nothing that belonged to me. That means that my letter has been floating around the post office for nearly a month, before it eventually found its way into the hands of our local messenger, who apparently made a full recovery from his illness, and delivered it today.

Mango Moment

I’m not one to raise my voice, yell, argue or go face-to-face with a local, whatever may be the reason, but today was different. One can only be expected to put up with so much inefficiency, period. When I look at the interior of this postal facility, I can readily understand why mail does not make its way to its intended destination, as if it was by design. Mail clerks are playing games on their cell phones and smoking cigarettes in a “Non-Smoking” facility, while piles of unsorted mail lay in stagnation – upon every desk and table top available. I see no sorting system or anything that resembles a sorting bin. Last spring (April) I visited here looking for a letter that was about 6 weeks overdue, only to see still undelivered Christmas cards (all mostly colored red or green) stacked up on a table in the back of the room.

After I discussed with the postmaster the apparent lack of competence and after giving him a verbal crash course in principles of organization, he apologized to me several times, with respect. “I’m so sorry, Po” he rattled on and on. When I was finished, I smiled while pointing to the No Smoking sign, and said “Don’t forget” as I turned and walked out. I wasn’t asked to deliver the mail this day… as the Post Office messenger beat me to it!

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