[Before Paradise] Homeless, Unemployed, and Life is Good!


After a week of deliberations, my wife has sold her business, lock, stock, and barrel. That’s a big relief as we really didn’t want to go through a time-consuming liquidation process selling everything off piece by piece. Teri has been in the custom clothing alterations business for over 18 years and has accumulated a wide array of equipment, supplies, furniture and other ‘stuff’.  It was a bittersweet moment when she signed the Bill of Sale over to the new owner and I could see it in her eyes, but it is a relief that we are one step closer to getting on the plane. Earlier in the week we sold her car, so now we are both officially unemployed, unofficially homeless and down to one vehicle. Boy life is good!

Wedding Appointment

Wedding Dress Fitting

All we are waiting for now is my immigration paper works to be returned from the Chicago consulate and animal import permits from the Bureau of Animal Industry in the Philippines. Our cats will need their final physical exams within 10 days of departing with their International paperwork completed by the veterinarian. Then we can begin packing the final 3 balikbayan boxes for delivery to the shipper and then we can begin packing our suitcases.

We might have to hitchhike to the airport but at least we will be on our way!