Marriage (Honeyko) Point Scoring System

Okay, You Win!

Okay, You Win!

If you are a male in a relationship with a woman, you understand the ‘Demerit System’ that applies. I know that all married men will attest to some real wisdom in this post…

…In the world of romance, one single rule applies: MAKE THE WOMAN HAPPY!

Do something she likes, and you get points. Do something she dislikes, and points are subtracted.

You don’t get any points for doing something she expects. Sorry, that’s the way the game is played.

Here is a non-exhaustive guide to the point system (as it applies to marriage to a Filipina):

You make the bed. (+1)
You make the bed, but forget the decorative pillows. (-10)
You throw the bedspread over rumpled sheets. (-3)
You go out to buy her what she wants (+5) in the rain (+8)
But return with Beer. (-5) San Miguel (-2) Red Horse (+2)

You check out a suspicious noise at night. (+1)
You check out a suspicious noise, and it is nothing. (0)
You check out a suspicious noise, and it is something. (+5)

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pummel it with an iron rod. (+10)
It’s her brother’s rooster that is scheduled to fight tomorrow. (-30)

You stay by her side for the entire party. (+1)
You stay by her side for a while, then leave to chat with another party attendee. (-2) Named Angel (-10)
Angel is a dancer (-10) Taller than your asawa. (-20)
Angel has breast implants. (-40)

You take her out to dinner. (+2)
You take her out to dinner, and it’s not a sports bar. (+3)
Okay, it’s a sports bar. (-2) All your expat friends are there. (-15)
And its all-you-can-eat night. (+2) With rice. (+5) no rice. (-15)
It’s a sports bar, it’s all-you-can-eat night, no rice OR fish, only pizza. (-50)


Ding Dong Dantes

Ding Dong Dantes

You take her to a movie. (+1)
You take her to a movie she likes. (+5)
You take her to a movie you hate. (+6)
You take her to a movie you like. (-2)
It’s called ‘Death Cop.’ (-3)
You lied and said it was a movie starring Dingdong Dantes (-20)

You develop a noticeable potbelly. (-15)
You develop a noticeable potbelly and exercise to get rid of it. (+10)
You develop a noticeable potbelly and wear baggy shorts and baggy Hawaiian shirts. (-20) You wear your Hawaiian shirt pulled up above your belly when it’s hot. (-40)
You tell her, “It doesn’t matter, you have one too.” (-80)

She asks, “Do I look fat?” (-5) (Yes, you lose points no matter what)
You hesitate in responding. (-10)
You reply, “Where?” (-25)
You respond with “No, let’s eat!” (+3)
You give any other response. (-20)

When she wants to talk about a problem, you listen, displaying what looks like a concerned expression. (+2)
You listen, for over 30 minutes without the use of San Miguel products (+50)
You listen for more than 30 minutes without noticing a pretty Pinay walk by. (+100)
She realizes this is because you have fallen asleep. (-4000)

What's the Score?

What’s the Score?

My own personal point total….well, lets just say I’ve had to finance a few points from time to time, and I could be up or down ….by ONE! But in all reality, it’s probably best to never keep score.

Just keep the scoreboard turned off!