Pokemon Go in the Philippines, Nope!

I Shall Return!

Okay, I should have made that proclamation before I left, but I really didn’t go anywhere. Maybe my readers think I have been all wrapped up playing Pokemon Go here in the Philippines. Nope!  (Rumor has it that servers here in the Philippines have been all but shut-down because of the Pokemon Go phenom.) I just fell in love with my camera… again, and I have been neglecting my blogging. Truth be told, I have discovered film-making. Not like HBO or anything… I re-discovered making videos for YouTube. I’ve had a YouTube channel (Retired in Samar) for several years but I have never really been that active at it. In years past, I might have posted 3 or 4 videos a year. Just this last March, I began to notice my computer was running really slow. As it turned out, my computer’s memory was so booked up, there was little room left to run some of my resident programs. Upon digging into my files folders, I realized that I have been collecting thousands of mb’s of photos and videos and my computer was suffering from an overloaded memory, and that was putting a lot of strain on my computer’s processor. So, I did some reallocation of internal memory but as it turned out, I just had too many files on my system.

A Discovery of a Different Kind.

I decided to start deleting older pictures that I thought were not worthy of storing… you know, kind of like all the crap stored in that “black hole” that some people refer to as a closet. Much of it is put there and is never to be used or seen again. Pictures on a computer are no different from the stuff in the closet. Then I got into my video files. Wow! I had collected more videos than all the trash in Manila Bay. Okay, that’s not a fair analogy, but seemingly accurate. I had to get rid of some of the video, but how? I could just move it to my external hard drive… the one I have loaded with movies, but I quickly discovered that there wasn’t much space there either. I deleted about a dozen old  movies to create some space, but it was not even close to the storage I needed. Then I thought maybe I could put it on a cloud somewhere. But most cloud services will charge money when you reach certain limits. Then I realized I could use “YouTube!” I could store my video footage on my YouTube channel. But first, I would need to put them in the right format. I would need to edit my videos, export them to MP4 format, then upload them. So that is what I started doing. Shortly thereafter, I began to realized that people were liking my videos. I threw in some creativity and before I could even take a break, I noticed my viewing rates began climbing higher and higher. Then my subscription rate began climbing.  And I got even more busy doing videos. I’m still doing it! I have managed to clear out a lot of files and opened up a lot of computer memory and I am at the point where my computer is needing to be upgraded. I also noticed that I haven’t been spending any time on my blog either.

Back to Basics.

I suppose some people are like me. We get excited about something, we go full speed ahead, then slowly take our foot off the accelerator, and, some of us even come to a complete stop. These days I may slow down and roll through a stop sign, but I don’t stop (nobody does here!). So, back to the which has suffered neglect at the hand of YouTube, sucking up all my energies. I just need to find a good balance between the two. They both seem to provide my audience with something they like. Some people have come to depend on my blog to help guide them in their decision-making process of expatriation, or not. Videos provide a more visual look at how life in the Philippines might affect somebody going forward. Videos also provide the opportunity for many to simply reminisce. In any case, I shall continue to provide both… as long as the support for each continues. I just have to find that happy balance.

A Reason To Celebrate!

Today, I am happy to announce that my YouTube channel has surpassed 500 Subscribers. It may not sound like a lot, but considering just a few short weeks ago I had only 42 subscriptions, that is quite an accomplishment considering it has all been organically achieved. I still have a lot of video to edit and with all the positive comments I get on a daily basis, it keeps me driven to produce more.  As far as neglecting my blog – the blog should not feel bad. I’ve been neglecting my motorcycle, bicycle, kayak, tennis racket, and the swimming pool next door too! I really need to find balance for those things also.

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