I Need Another Driver’s License!

My First Guam Mango Moment (Guam has Mangos Too!)

Last week when I was shopping for a car, I stopped in at a Nisson dealer to look at a used Nisson Rogue (crossover SUV) that they had there on the lot. I would be willing to put some money down if they were willing to finance the rest. While discussing financing options (not something I really wanted to do), the salesperson mentioned that I would need a valid driver’s license. So I showed him my Philippines license. He left with my license, then returned and told me the Sales Manager said I would need a Guam DL to submit a loan request to their list of lenders. So, I left.

Guam Dept. of Revenu and Taxation

Guam Dept. of Revenu and Taxation

   The next day, I decided to visit the Guam Driver’s Licence Office (Dept. of Revenue and Taxation) to check on the requirements for obtaining a DL. I was going to need one eventually anyway. When I met with the first DMV officer, he told me it would cost of $25 to convert to a Guam license if I had a valid DL. I handed him my Philippine license and he looked it over and said “I’m sorry, we cannot use this.” With nearly half of the population on Guam being from the Philippines, you would think they would recognize a valid DL from that country. Then again… I might understand why they don’t. He then asked me “Do you have a stateside license by chance?” I then showed him my Mississippi license, which expired last August 2016, and he nodded with affirmation and said “Yes, this will work. Just bring this and another form of ID back in the morning at 8am when there is no line.

And for one skinny minute, I felt like I was back in the Philippines!  Huh???

8 thoughts on “I Need Another Driver’s License!

  1. Randy … ya do realize it is a government run operation. Since when would any government operation make any “logical” sense? Love the government … they are either curing Alzheimer’s or testing for it – they keep messing with your mind to keep it ‘sharp’.

  2. Why wouldn’t your Philippines DL be the “other form of ID”? Strange

    • Not sure, but Guam might look at it as being potentially illegitimate. There are probably tens of thousands of people in the Philippines who hold a DL who never ever took a test, or who do not know the first thing about driving. I would think some of these folks just paid for their DL with a little cash. The Guam folks might be taking all this into consideration. Just a thought!

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