In All Fairness, I need a Harley Davidson. Just One!

Another Mango Moment!

The “Fatboy” I want!

I’ve been working on the Mrs. now for years, laying the groundwork for the day I spring it upon her that it is time for me to buy a Harley Davidson. I’ve had a lifelong dream of owning three big-boy toys and have already accomplished two of them… a sailboat and a motor home. Now that I’m two-for-three, it’s about time to move on it… the trifecta. It’s time for the hat trick… the Harley!

It’s almost every man’s (and some women’s) dream that has ever owned a motorcycle to one day own a Harley Davidson. It is that grassroots passion that many of us dream about. It’s about freedom and the self-expression that transcends all cultures. We are adventure-seeking individuals whom aspire to the values that Harley-Davidson stands for – independence, authenticity and the passion for being on the open road. Okay… I live on an island and open roads here don’t exist, but what the hell. I can still have one, can’t I?

Charlie’s Scooters

This morning as we were readying to leave parking lot, my neighbor Charlie was out walking his dog. Charlie was also stationed here on Guam at the same time I was back in the late ’70’s and has been here ever since. He owns TWO Harley’s and they are parked flanking his front door of his ground floor condo. Anyway, as he passed by our car he stopped to chat. He had just got back from visiting his relatives in Tennessee and was telling me how enjoyable it was to get out on the road and do some riding during the cool Spring mornings when the temperatures were in the mid 60’s. I said “Wait! You have a scooter (Harley) there in Tennessee?” and he replied “Yes.” With the sound of certain envy in my voice I asked “So you have THREE Harley Davidson motorcycles?” and he replied “Yes, consider me to be Harley poor!” We continued talking for another minute until his dog decided that we had enough conversation and it was time to go for his walk. As the dog pulled Charlie away from the car, I began backing out of our parking spot and as I rolled up the window I proceeded to inform my wife; “Did you hear that? Charlie has three Harley’s.” “THREE” I replied to myself as I looked at her. After a not-so-short pause she says “Yeah, okay three… he doesn’t have a wife either!”

She made a valid point and right then I knew I would do well enough to simply leave it alone. At least for another day!

4 thoughts on “In All Fairness, I need a Harley Davidson. Just One!

  1. You forgot one very important aspect of Owning a Harley. It is one of the last of the American made Machines. I think that would be the only reason I would buy one. Second because if you take care of it they hold the value well. But I don’t think that would apply if your overseas, But hat might even make it more valuable? If there is a Harley shop there take the wife to see them and do a test drive with her on the back. I am sure that would make her change her mind.

    I want one too. But I will settle right now for a 2 seater go cart for my son and I. Next were getting Harley’s!

  2. American made… absolutely. Never forgot that. They have a Harley dealership here on Guam and they cost a little bit more (shipping) but they hold their value well. I had the opportunity to test drive the bike in the photo last week, but I needed a pair of long pants before they would let me ride. I don’t own a pair of long pants! So now, if I come home with a new pair of long pants, my wife will know what’s up.

  3. Buying that Harley in Guam will also give you something to keep you busy, when you aren’t riding it you’ll be cleaning and shining it up for the next ride. Will leave you just enough time for a sunset beer at Jimmy D’s

  4. Buying a Harley on Guam would mean I would be drinking beer at home as I couldn’t afford Jimmy D’s! lol

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