[Before Paradise] It’s All Over!

We are down to packing a lonely box here and there but now it is becoming really difficult to find things to pack. What I mean is that when we began packing, there was no shortage of finding “things” that would fit nicely into the boxes, filling up the voids and all the nooks and crannies. Boxes packed nicely in the beginning. Now, we can’t seem to find anything small enough to take up the extra space in a box. This is a good thing I guess as it means we are down to the nitty-gritty. I have made a trip or two to the store just to buy some items that we might need in the future and to fill up the gaps in some boxes.

We also had our final garage sale this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it liked to wear me out. We actually sold about 95% of everything we wanted to get rid of. Of course some things we had to nearly give away, but who ever said having a garage sale will make you rich? The larger items that failed to sell were our TV’s. We have a 27″ and 19″ Sony Trinatron (best TV Sony ever made) and a cheaper 19″ Emerson for $35, $25, and $20 respectfully. All I can say is this…expect to give your non-flat screen TV’s away because nobody will pay anything for them!  Our large flat screen is coming with us. When it was all over, and aside from the TV’s, I had one box that I carted down to the Salvation Army to make a donation. The TV’s we will keep back and try to sell before we actually leave.

Garage sales are mostly regulated in our area and only one yard or garage sale is allowed every 90 days with a $10 city issued permit. Anyway, this was our last sale and most everything else is being shipped to our new home in Samar.

Advertise Online!

Advertise Online!

In the past, garage sales would have to be advertised in the local newspaper to ensure the masses would find you, but today it’s different. I managed to advertise our sale for FREE using both Craigslist and facebook exclusively. There are several “garage sale” or “Buy,Sell, Trade” type facebook pages in our area and I simply plastered all those pages (before and during the sale) with the details and location of our sale. I didn’t pay one red cent to the local newspaper, who by the way, still makes the claim that newsprint is still the best advertising source. I beg to differ. They wanted over $45 for a three-line garage sale ad that would run for 3 days. Personally, I donated less than that to the Salvation Army and still was able to get rid of nearly everything. If you are looking to liquidate, remember that there are many ways to get the word out, and social media is leading the way. You just have to familiarize yourself with the online venues that are available in your local area.

The next step for us now…to close the sale of our home this coming Thursday, the 2nd of May….so stay tuned!