I’ve Got Something to Tell You!


It’s what one does when the going gets overly tough, or the outlook in a given situation becomes bleak or filled with uncertainty. In General George Armstrong Custer’s case (famous American Calvary commander), an early retreat prior to the Battle of Little Bighorn, which cost him his life, would have had a significant impact on history. But with much profit to be made in the production of American history books, General Custard had to die. I mean if General Custer would not have died at Little Bighorn, I wouldn’t be talking about it, right?
   In our case, the Indians are not coming, nor are the Chinese or North Koreans. And although we are not forced to retreat from the Philippines, we have reached a point where Teri needs to take on the task of obtaining her U.S citizenship (why she didn’t do this over the course of the last 27 years living in the U.S. is… well, I can’t say it). And because we will need to set up for a minimum length of time on American soil to re-establish residency, the idea exists that we could very well stay longer and travel at will back and forth from Guam to the Visayas. And in that case, it would be a sort of “retreat” from the retired life of living in the Philippines. Nonetheless, it adds up to a new challenge and I’ve always been one to accept a good challenge… or three. Besides, in my later years, I only got a few challenges left in me.
   So it has been formally decided that Retired in Samar will undergo a slight revision in title: Retired in Samar – Occasionally (only on the Facebook page… the Blog title and Domain Name and YouTube channel will not change!) I could even stretch the new title to read “Retired in Samar – Living on Guam,” but I’ll wait.

Where America’s Day Begins

  Even though we have decided to move to Guam to re-establish our residency, it won’t be like moving back to the U.S. We will be remaining in the Domain of the Golden Dragon (on this, the western side of the International Date Line).  We will be establishing our residency in Guam which, by the way, is where “America’s Day Begins” (for those that might be even slightly geographically challenged). My wife cares nothing about that stuff… but she is quick to know all the store operating hours and ZUMBA start times like I know the tide tables, which I do!
   Now that our expansion and construction project is finished on the house in the Philippines, the house will be overlooked and maintained by Teri’s sister and her husband. They will become the caretakers of our property and our animals.
   So, with this decision to move came another decision: when to do it? We both agreed that as we had already traveled to Manila (during the week of 19 March 2017), I could just leave from there. Teri would use this time to travel by bus to Mariveles, Bataan to visit her other two sisters, and then head back to Samar after her visit, when she will begin packing all that we need, to settle on Guam. If you have been a follower of my blog or YouTube channel, you will know that we shipped our entire household to the Philippines in 2013 and now we will split up some things and bring them to Guam.
We will still consider our home in the Philippines our true home and will now refer to it as our “Home Sweet Home Away from Home!” We will look forward to traveling more and spending time there when we feel the desire to go home.  We will live in Guam and travel home to the Philippines whenever the desire hits… like a vacation from retirement…at any time we feel the need. My initial thoughts are to continue writing about life in the Philippines and I ask that all my blog and YouTube subscribers come along for the ride. It will be interesting, I promise!

Next up… The Journey Begins!