Mission Accomplished!


Remember when you were a young child and Christmas was so anticipated that it just never seemed to come fast enough? Well, in the case of the “future” expatriate, it’s like waiting for that special day only now the clock never seems to move or nothing ever seems to get accomplished.  I can remember back when we first made the decision to

move to the Philippines. It came after many months (years) of talking and wondering about what it would be like to finally live in our chosen paradise. Once the decision was made and the dream was alive, it was like longing for that special holiday to come, and things seemed to move very slow – slower than rush hour traffic in Manila. That’s because there is so much planning and preparation that goes into getting ready for a move of this magnitude. I guess for some it may come a little easier, but for us, we had a home, cars, two businesses and 28 years of collected “stuff” to consolidate. And to make things more complicated, we had pets. For those who consider themselves minimalistic or, who are fairly mobile, and can send all their personal belongings in balikbayan boxes, it will be much easier and they will be able to reach their goal more quickly. Once we set things in motion though, it was full speed ahead and no looking back.  In our case, it literally took almost two years to liquidate, get everything in order, and we were ready to roll. 

One of the many sunsets in Tomaligues

One of the many sunsets in Tomaligues

I can remember during the last few months while waiting to close the sale of our home, fellow online acquaintances (expats) would constantly remind (sometimes chide) me about hurrying up and get here! Well, know this…you can only move as fast as the Laws of Murphy will allow and sometimes anxiety can get the best of you. I would get news or read someone’s blog, and even get updated photos almost daily of life in the Philippines and it would always make me that much more anxious and envious.

Signal or No Signal...it don't matter!

These days, I can say to those who are waiting for their time to come….hurry up and get here, what are you waiting for?  Of course I only say this in jest, and hope that everyone’s transition to paradise will come as soon as possible.  Life here in the Philippines can definitely be worth the wait for those who are prepared and know what to expect. This morning, after having coffee with my early morning entrée, and while the family eats their second round of breakfast, I relax with my computer and look forward to simple contemplation about what and how much I should eat for lunch. And this afternoon maybe I will take my bike out for a ride along the coast, head back and have an afternoon swim, inspect the days progress on the new house, then catch the sunset with a cold beer…or two. Tomorrow will be another day and it all begins anew.

So for those who seem to be forever waiting, remember it’s just like waiting for Christmas Day…it will come eventually, and when the day finally arrives, it will be like receiving the best present ever!

For us, it’s Mission Accomplished. Finally!