Consumer Boom Fuels Philippines Growth

Consumer Boom Fuels Philippine Growth As Neighbors Get Export Lag By Karl Lester M. Yap February 1, 2013, 6:27pm The Philippines is poised to join the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies this year and next as Filipinos buying goods from dresses to condominiums cushion a faltering in exports that’s hurt the rest of the region. The […]

[Video] Jeepney Magic

Just came across this video and though I’d share. People just can’t get enough when it comes to the Jeepney so, for the Jeepney lover in everybody, enjoy!

[Before Paradise] Yesterday Was Good – Today Was Better!

…From the home front! Today I uncovered our old Polaroid One Step camera tucked away in a drawer. Being the curious kind (meanderer) of guy that I am, I immediately went to Google for help. A couple of Yahoo questions here and blog posts there of inquiries into buying Polaroid cameras and whether the film […]

Honk, Honk, Honk Them Horns in the Philippines!

Philippines Honking Horns. When visiting the many blogs and forums related to the Philippines, the one common denominator that seems to always annoy many foreigners is Horn Honking in the Philippines. To the many westerners who have never been to or spent any time in the Philippines, horn honking is one of the first noticeable […]

America is NOT the Greatest Country…Anymore!

This latest post should be filed in the “Justification” category (as if one was really needed) and is nothing more than further evidence that depicts the varied reasons why many (including me) choose to retire, move and live abroad. After watching a “trailer” for an upcoming HBO television series, my gut instinct told me not […]

WOW – The Philippines? Are You Paying Attention?

Why the Philippines? Why now? Sometimes when I make mention of my upcoming move to the Philippines, I get asked “Why the Philippines?” “Isn’t it full of poverty?” and “Isn’t it dangerous there?” Questions run the full gamut and it never ceases to amaze me how so many people on a collective basis can be […]

[Before Paradise] If I Were Selling a Jeepney, It Would Be Sold Already!

The anxiety of moving to paradise can be taxing. Anyone who has ever made the move to their chosen Philippines paradise can attest to the frustrations involved in the planning, packing and waiting….waiting…. and waiting some more before that departure day finally comes. We have made some good strides in preparing to move, but this […]

Should I Speak Tagalog or Keep Quiet!

Can you speak a 2nd language? How about learning 3 or 4, or maybe 6 languages?  Not so easy. Especially as one ages, the learning process slows down. Many westerners that locate to the Philippines choose either to learn to speak, or not learn to speak a dialect or language of the Philippines.  When one […]

[Before Paradise] Indian Relics To Be Showcased – Somewhere!

Today is the day I meet with another buyer and this time I’m offering up all the ‘museum pieces’ collected from my back yard.  All the arrow and knife points pictured below with some flint scraping tools, a handful of pottery shards, and two petrified wood pieces were all found by me during my backyard […]