Google Opens in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The stage is set for Google to take on the Philippines as a new Southeast Asian territory. Google officially launched the opening of the Google Philippines office on Wednesday, January 23, making Manila the site of the company’s fifth Southeast Asia office. Read more……

[Before Paradise] The “Meanderthal” in Me!

Mixed Emotions! I Made some progress but with much emotion as today was a bittersweet day. It was time to depart with something I knew I probably shouldn’t take to the Philippines. When downsizing or preparing to move, there is always something that must be sacrificed. Yesterday I received yet another call from my Craigslist post […]

I Know! I Read it in a Blog!

Almost on a daily basis, I visit my regular chosen blog sites and on occasion, will chip in my two peso’s worth of comments. This last weekend I spent more time than I should have on a couple of other sites and came across some information and an accumulation of comments that varied from potentially […]

On the Streets in the Philippines.

While reviewing some posts on my Retired in Samar facebook page, I came across a picture that depicted children in the Philippines playing a game in the street. I remember when I lived in the Philippines, the children always played outdoors and things do not seem to be much different today. The game the children […]

Discover Samar- On the Cheap!

Just when you thought it was getting expensive to venture out and travel, Airphil Express makes it possible. For about $25 one way, you could easily make reservations now for a trip to visit the “City of Watefalls” Calbayog City, Samar. There is no better time to book an adventure to see awesome caves or […]

Philippine Real Estate – The Real Cost?

I recently visited a very informative website that focused entirely on expatriation from the U.S.A.  It is a well researched and cogently written site that discusses many things and many overseas destinations, including the Philippines. One thing I noticed though was that the last update to the Philippine information section was in 2006 and it […]

Eastern Visaya’s Airport Upgrades

TACLOBAN CITY – Nine Airports here in the region, including seven without passenger aircraft operations, will get a budget of P167.35 million for upgrading, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippine (CAAP) said. Read more…

[Before Paradise] I Might As Well Be a Blind Monkey!

I’m a “Meanderthal Man” (more meandering than packing) when it comes to packing. Yesterday I packed 1 box. ONE pitiful box! If I haven’t mentioned this before, when the de-cluttering begins, things that you haven’t seen for a millennium magically appear. It’s gotta be the “First Law of Clutter” – the one where clutter tends […]

[Video] Battle of the Mascots – Jollibee vs. KFC

If you have ever been to the Philippines, you already know that two of the most popular franchised fast food establishments are Jollibee Restaurant and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Unlike McD’s and Burger King competitors in the U.S., these rivals really Classic outside average come buy meds online no prescription strip results over-the-counter work good […]