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Phil Post Mail

Phil Post Mail

 Another Mango Moment! 

 Today we took a ride into town for our first visit to the Calbayog City  Post Office. Up until now, we have had  literally no reason to mail  anything. Today however, I  needed to send an old-fashioned written  and signed letter.  As we entered the Calbayog Post Office building, all  I could  see in the large, dimly lit room was a tall and long counter –  and no immediate sign of people. As I approached the counter, I looked  to a  far corner of the room and I spotted a gentleman seated at  a  desk in the corner,  who  never looked up once the entire time we were  there. Upon glancing over the counter itself, I noticed a woman seated with her back to me and she was playing a computer game on her tablet…”Candy Crush Saga” to be exact. I stood there for a moment and had to loudly clear my throat to get her attention. Then after glancing back at me, she quickly looked back at her game on her tablet and without missing a finger-stroke she called out to someone to assist me and without another look in my direction, she uttered “Window One”. A young woman ushered herself quickly out of what I assumed to be the Comfort Room and made her way to the window. I handed her my envelope addressed to Illinois, USA, and asked her how much it would cost. She says P130 (or about $2.88). I then asked how long it would take and she replied “three weeks to one month.” I couldn’t help but jokingly inquire how the letter traveled… “How, is the mail delivered, by Carabao?  She looked right at me and with a big grin on her face quickly replied, “No sir, by turtle!”

Yes, It's that slow!

Yes, It’s that slow!

It was readily apparent this was not the first time she has had to respond to questions about Phil Post’s efficient delivery methods but she recognized the humor in it and took it all in stride, never missing a beat. She then offered up a suggestion about registered mail. I asked about the cost and how long that would take. The answer was a staggering P972 ($21.60) and would take 10-14 days. This time however they would use a “super-speedy turtle!”

At this point we decided to head over to the local LBC (cargo and courier services) branch in town where the same letter could be delivered within 5 business days for P1,270 (or about $28.00). So for the extra $7.00 we could get the letter delivered by LBC’s contractual U.S. partner DHL up to 10 days sooner. It was quicker, more expensive, and more reliable service, but without the self-prescribed comedy offered by Phil Post employees. It was fun asking anyway!


Manila Post Office – Nothing new on the efficiency front!