Real Estate Listings – Here and Now.

A New Listing!

The first real estate listing for sale has been posted on Retired In Samar. To view the listing, simply return to the home page, locate the Real Estate tab and mouse over Property For Sale. Listings will appear on the right.


Whether you are looking for a custom home…. Home for Sale






bahay kubo for sale


….or a more traditional bahay kubo…







…now you can begin your search right here on Retired in Samar. Our hopes are that we can provide real estate listings of interest for dissemination to both current and prospective residents, whether in the Calbayog City area or in the Samar Province.

Anyone seeking information about advertising any real estate for sale in Calbayog City area or in Samar Province can contact the site administrator through the contact link on the home page, or simply click HERE.  If you know someone who could benefit from having their property advertised locally, please contact the site admin.

Happy house hunting, or selling!

Note: This is a real estate advertising site only (fee for service). We do not provide details about any properties for sale other that provided for by the seller or their legal representatives. Any requests for additional information about any listings should be directed to the owners or the actual sellers of the property, via the contact information provided in that listing. 

8 thoughts on “Real Estate Listings – Here and Now.

    • Coming to Samar? Unfortunately I am no longer licensed in real estate and even if I was, I could not work on your behalf here in the Philippines. All I can do is offer suggestions and hopefully soon, this site will offer more in the way of available properties for sale and rental listings for the Calbayog City area. If you see a listing, it is always best to contact the owner directly and deal with them. If you have general questions I may be able to help with some answers but I cannot provide you with advice such as a licensed agent or broker can.

  1. just would like to wish you best of luck with your real estate section… this should be helpful for expats looking to locate in samar area.

    • Thanks Roger, I’m hoping it will be helpful for everyone. Without any real estate agent, broker or office in our area, there is no real way to get help locating properties for sale or rent. I’m sure if I can get a few listings, others will follow.

  2. HI
    I was thinking on buying some land just outside Calbayog and was wondering if you had any recommendation on a Real Estate Broker

    your blog has been very informative thank you


    • Hi Mike, last time I checked, there were NO licensed or registered Brokers on the island of Samar. There are a few licensed Brokers in Tacloban but none that I know that might employ agents in this area. You are basically on your own here unfortunately. There is however many banks that carry property on their books that they would be happy to show to you. There are also several attorneys here that are knowledgeable in real estate dealings. You can always search real estate sites like Lamundi, Real Estate ph, or OSX, but they are cumbersome with their search algorithms and not very efficient. Not all property (very little) is listed online. The best way to find property is to wander around the area you are interested in and drop some hints about looking for property. Somebody might just contact you. But you’d better be good in negotiating… you are a foreigner and have PLENTY of money at your disposal! lol Good luck!!!

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