Small City, Small Yard, I Need Another Island!

Small City.

This morning I was awakened by my wife who had to remind me to get up and get ready to go to the airport. I looked at the clock and exclaimed “But it is only 5:30 and the plane don’t land until 6:45!” She then says, yes but you need your coffee to wake up. Some times she is sooo right it is almost embarrassing. She got no argument from me. So, I got to the CR and freshened up, then made my way to the kitchen where my Nescafe coffee and a little sugar was already measured out and in my cup. All I had to was pour the hot water in. My computer was even turned on for me which saved me another 1:30 in boot up time. I thought “I could have slept at least two more minutes!” I checked my messages and readied my camera for the trip to the airport. I was the duty photographer. Teri was taking the car and our niece to the airport to pick up her sister and her two daughters flying in from Manila. I was also the back-up transportation guy (on my motorcycle) just in case these three female travelers were not travelling light!  I think they place odds on these type things in Vegas. Anyway, off to the airport I wheeled. I was low on petrol so I stopped at my favorite roadside pit stop (a future post) where I purchased two liters of unleaded gas (coke bottles), and I was back on the road to the airport – about a 5 minute ride.

The Philippine Air Lines (PAL) Express plane landed on time, about 6:44, and I took all the required pictures, loaded the “two” suitcases in the hatchback, and the 5 ladies managed to cram inside our Mitsubishi Mirage. Normally built to carry four adults, we can fit about 7 Filippino bodies (women and children) comfortably in our model (comfortable for me because I’m the usually the driver!)  When they left the airport, they headed over to the other sister’s house and I headed home as my services were no longer needed. By the way, what grown man would want to spend the good part of his day with a gaggle of chattering, giggling, cute ladies…er, don’t answer that!

Our Front Lawn

Our Front Lawn

Small Yard.

I returned home and immediately set out to cut and trim the front lawn outside our compound wall. I actually trimmed so much grass off the street, I took it inside and planted new sod along a walkway leading to the patio. After I cleaned up my mess and the tools, and put everything away, I was in the house and cleaned up and on the couch with my second cup of coffee of the morning. I had some coffee-drinking catching up to do. But it was only 8:59, so there was plenty of time.

There is much to be said for small town living and having a small yard. Looks like my nap will be right on schedule today!  And because island life isn’t always that easy, this afternoon I will begin working on a planned get away to another island for some well deserved R&R later this month.

New Sod Layed

New Sod layed along the walkway.

Retired in Samar.