Permanent Residency in Philippines – Annual Reporting

The Annual Report Once again, it was time to report to our local BI office for my Annual Report requirement. As a “permanent resident” and an ACR-I Card holder (which states permanent), a holder of this status is required to physically report annually to their local BI office, during the first 8 weeks of the […]

How To Ruin a Good Woman!

It’s been nearly 18 months since we retired and relegated ourselves to a quiet life in Samar Province in the Philippines. Since arriving here, generally speaking, life has been pretty laid back and relaxing. And also wonderfully restful in the sense that when you don’t feel like doing something (anything), you just don’t do it. […]

Philippines Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT)

                      Yesterday (Wednesday) I drove our two older nieces, Lai Lai and  Jeramie, into town to purchase school supplies and to register their  attendance at the Calbayog City High School. The younger one (Lai  Lai), a second year transfer student from another school, returned  yesterday […]

[Before Paradise] My Resignation!

This was my resignation posted on my Active Rain ( website for real estate professionals) Page! After a productive 12 years in real estate, I have made the difficult decision to retire again. During my short but fulfilling second career, I have enjoyed some really good times in real estate, and like many others, […]

Can You Retire in Paradise?

Retire Abroad? Have you ever thought of just packing up and moving to paradise, wherever that may be? Of course you have! We all have! At some point in most people’s lives (usually later in life) priorities shift and visions of a better quality of life begin to emerge. And when these thoughts begin to […]