Facebook White Page of Death

Facebook White Page of Death (WPOD) It’s my latest ailment…and it comes complete with withdrawals! I believe it was sometime on October 3rd, I attempted to log on to Facebook and all I received for my query was a “white screen.”  Not totally white, but with the browser header and toolbar showing. There was absolutely […] Read More

Our Aftermath of Haiyan (Yolanda)

Some typhoons come and some typhoons go, but it was Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that menaced the Philippines early in November. By now the world has seen what a horrific storm this was and is witness to the devastation that Haiyan wreaked across the Eastern Visayas. The destruction to southern Samar and especially to the city of […] Read More

Mission Accomplished!

  Remember when you were a young child and Christmas was so anticipated that it just never seemed to come fast enough? Well, in the case of the “future” expatriate, it’s like waiting for that special day only now the clock never seems to move or nothing ever seems to get accomplished.  I can remember […] Read More