Oh So Many Visitors On Christmas Day! – In the Philippines

If one didn’t know any better, you would think it was Halloween all over again… this time though, without the scary costumes. Christmas day in the Philippines is unlike Christmas day in the west, where children will wake up especially early and rush to the Christmas tree where Santa typically leaves their gifts during the […]

Happy New Year From Samar, Philippines

Christmas came and went with the somewhat usual fanfare….noise makers, karaoke, food, caroling, and friendly gatherings. Shortly thereafter, we were visited by a Tropical Storm which provided us over 4 days of rain heading into the end of the year. Our year-end family get together was small this year as we planned for a somewhat […]

Pride is on the Line in the Philippines

CULMINATION ACTIVITY cum AWARDS NIGHT 2014 I have no idea what the title of this weekend’s activities really means, but I believe it is a special event designed to fill the void between the last village celebration and the upcoming Christmas holidays. Every barangay village has their regularly occurring annual fiesta along with a host […]