Retired in Samar MIA – From YouTube

Gone But Not Forgotten! It seems like it has been forever. And with the reminders I get almost daily from my viewers, it has been way too long. March 10th (last Spring) was the last time I posted a video. At that time, I was working on a series of videos documenting our house expansion […]

The Construction of Living in the Philippines

I can’t take all the credit. It was my wife’s idea over 7 years ago to purchase a double lot in the barangay (village) where her sister lives. It was also her decision to begin building shortly thereafter. So for several years, we have scrounged and pinched, sending whatever we could afford to her sister, […]

Calbayog City is Growing – Again!

Gaisano Grand Mall – Calbayog Last week in Calbayog City, the new Public Market was opened for business and demolition began on the old dilapidated public market structure located along the riverfront in the heart of Calbayog City. Just a couple of days ago the sign pictured here was raised, formally announcing the long awaited […]

Philippine Real Estate Hunters Beware!

This article was written before I departed to live in the Philippines, but the information has been reviewed for accuracy and is relevant today. My current occupation: Real Estate Broker. REALTOR® member of the National Association  of REALTORS® (NAR). What I can do: Engage in or carry on, directly or indirectly, or to advertise or […]

Philippines Real Estate – Is it Too Late?

It was in October, 2006, and I was on my way to our annual real estate franchise convention in Las Vegas via a planned itinerary stop in Denver for a short layover and plane swap. While browsing around in the airport bookstore, I came across a paperback book titled “Sell Now!: The End of the […]