Would Multi-Culturalism Survive Asia? I doubt it.

Reflections and Realizations. Have you ever just sat back and reflected on things? Your car, your house, your job? Your past? Or how about something greater?… your life, your family, maybe even your country? Sure you have – everybody does it from time to time. It is a natural thing to do. Reflection is a process of […]

Oh So Many Visitors On Christmas Day! – In the Philippines

If one didn’t know any better, you would think it was Halloween all over again… this time though, without the scary costumes. Christmas day in the Philippines is unlike Christmas day in the west, where children will wake up especially early and rush to the Christmas tree where Santa typically leaves their gifts during the […]

Security Issues in the Philippines

Living With Guns in the Philippines. When I first came to the Philippines in 1983, one thing I readily noticed was the numbers of guys standing around with guns. They seemed to be everywhere. They could be packing anything, from a .38 cal pistol to a .45 cal semi-automatic, to an AR-15 style assault rifle […]

Life in the Philippines – It’s All a Big Misunderstanding!

Things That Even Filipinos Misunderstand There are many things that we as foreigners misunderstand about Filipino culture and way of life in the Philippines. Some of us figure it out and go with the flow, and some foreigners never come to grips with all the confusion. Then there many things that even Filipinos themselves misunderstand, […]

How To Ruin a Good Woman!

It’s been nearly 18 months since we retired and relegated ourselves to a quiet life in Samar Province in the Philippines. Since arriving here, generally speaking, life has been pretty laid back and relaxing. And also wonderfully restful in the sense that when you don’t feel like doing something (anything), you just don’t do it. […]

My Filipina…the Hybrid Cook – Philippines

 Much of the reason I like many of the food items on the menu this side  of the International Dateline (Far East) likely has much to do with my  early  exposure to Asian foods. Once I arrived in the Western Pacific  (see My  Enchantment) at the ripe age of 19, I was immediately exposed  to the […]

Expatriation…It Just Made Sense

A born and raised red-blooded American I am, and as most Americans, I grew up loving my country, and I still do. The eldest of 6 siblings, I grew up first, and was undoubtedly the designated test-bed child. In larger families, the first-born is usually and specifically designed for the initial research, development, testing and […]

Quiet Please! I’m Living in the Philippines

Time for More Quiet! From time to time, life in the Philippines can be peaceful and rather quiet. Many times though it can be annoyingly noisy. When so many people are accustomed to live in such cramped conditions, they grow up with an adaptation of living like noisy sardines in a can. These days though, […]

To The Philippines With Love!

Many times I’ve written and attempted to describe the differences between the cultures of the Philippines and the west, specifically the U.S. where I am from. Some articles come easily while others have been a struggle searching for the right way to convey my thoughts on culture, family, values, expatriation and all that stuff.  While […]