How Not To Begin Your Retirement!

Retirement is an Adventure I must admit, when I chose to retire and move to the Philippines, it was without fanfare of any sort. Well, my racquetball buddies did take me out to dinner and a few beers, but that was the extent of any and all formalities. When I finally landed in the Philippines […]

Out of Stock!

ANOTHER SWEET MANGO MOMENT…. Today was a good day for picking up some much-needed groceries so we headed to town after our first cup of coffee. When we get an early start, we will usually stop in at Isla Cafe in Calbayog City for a quick breakfast before the grocery store opens where we can […]

Curious Kids in the Philippines!

SWEET MANGO MOMENT! Several weeks ago, I was lubricating a couple of padlocks with some WD-40 and a young fellow watching me asked “What seems to be the problem?” I told him there was no problem and tried my best to explain that I was just using the oil to keep the locks from rusting. […]

Saturday Morning Sunrises in the Philippines

Sunrise, Coffee, Donuts, and ZUMBA! 6:00am comes early these days, for me anyway. It seems like my wife will wake before the roosters to ready herself for the weekend Zumba workout at the plaza here in our barangay. Every Saturday and Sunday (well, mostly Saturdays when it’s not raining) the ladies show up for their […]

Planning on Moving to the Philippines?

Southeast Asia! If you are thinking of moving to the Philippines, know that this is Southeast Asia. Anyone contemplating a move abroad, especially to a developing country, really needs to completely research the country/city/province/area they plan on moving to. Thoroughly. And after that, they need to research some more. The very reason I say this is […]

Plan Hard to Relax Easy in the Philippines

It may come as no surprise that two of my favorite childhood books were Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. And for years, watching all those episodes of Gilligan’s Island probably anchored my need for adventure. All too often we see westerners come from all walks of life to settle here only to be […]

Sunrise, Tennis and the Vulcanizer!

I woke up early this morning as yesterday I accepted an invite for an early morning tennis game. I don’t normally get up before  sunrise (at least out of bed) although the local roosters all take their turn at trying. Most days I can hear them early on but my body  just doesn’t respond. Anyway, […]

[Before Paradise] Simply Bittersweet

I didn’t think I would have time to write these last few days as we have been on the move from our temporary rental, then to a local Tupelo hotel, and now we are at a hotel in Memphis where we are completely staged to leave this morning for the airport. It has been a long […]

[Before Paradise] Yesterday Was Good – Today Was Better!

…From the home front! Today I uncovered our old Polaroid One Step camera tucked away in a drawer. Being the curious kind (meanderer) of guy that I am, I immediately went to Google for help. A couple of Yahoo questions here and blog posts there of inquiries into buying Polaroid cameras and whether the film […]