An Expat’s Feelings Revealed!

I just finished reading a post on sub/reddit titled “What is exactly wrong with locals here?” and I must admit, based upon the thread comments, the OP of this article really struck a chord – with some readers that agreed with him and others who adamantly defended against everything he said. Below I have inserted […]

Quiet Please! I’m Living in the Philippines

Time for More Quiet! From time to time, life in the Philippines can be peaceful and rather quiet. Many times though it can be annoyingly noisy. When so many people are accustomed to live in such cramped conditions, they grow up with an adaptation of living like noisy sardines in a can. These days though, […]

[Video] Life’s Not So Easy in the Philippines

While the Philippines is sometimes described as a tropical delight, it truly can be  a paradise to those foreigners who come to live – as long as they bring with them  a sustainable form of income. Because of work limitations placed on foreigners  in the Philippines, those without an income need not show up with […]

To The Philippines With Love!

Many times I’ve written and attempted to describe the differences between the cultures of the Philippines and the west, specifically the U.S. where I am from. Some articles come easily while others have been a struggle searching for the right way to convey my thoughts on culture, family, values, expatriation and all that stuff.  While […]

Consumer Boom Fuels Philippines Growth

Consumer Boom Fuels Philippine Growth As Neighbors Get Export Lag By Karl Lester M. Yap February 1, 2013, 6:27pm The Philippines is poised to join the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies this year and next as Filipinos buying goods from dresses to condominiums cushion a faltering in exports that’s hurt the rest of the region. The […]

Should I Speak Tagalog or Keep Quiet!

Can you speak a 2nd language? How about learning 3 or 4, or maybe 6 languages?  Not so easy. Especially as one ages, the learning process slows down. Many westerners that locate to the Philippines choose either to learn to speak, or not learn to speak a dialect or language of the Philippines.  When one […]

Calbayog History

Last updated: Monday, 13 February 2012 01:00 History Calbayog began as early as 1600 in a settlement called Hibatang by the river bank of the present Oquendo River. It had 2,000 inhabitants under the spiritual guidance of a certainJesuit, Father Ignacio de Alzina. The present barangay Anislag was the forerunner of Calbayog settlement. The barangay […]