“Fiesta” and “Siesta”…. Oh so closely related! [Includes Video]

It’s A Fiesta! It’s a tradition here in Guam, and in the Philippines, and in most majority Roman Catholic countries, at least where the Spaniards had an influence. Yep, the Spaniards get all the blame! Many years ago, Spain marked certain days to remember particular Catholic saints with celebrations. When Spanish missionaries first arrived in […]

Fiesta Update!

This is just a short post adding a little more information to my previous Fiesta Time post and some pics that we obtained while attending Calbayog City’s annual Fiesta recently. When we visited a friend’s home in town to share in their offering of some Filipino delicacies, we also found ourselves simultaneously attending a “house […]

Return to Calbayog City, Samar

We arrived in Samar on a direct flight from Manila to Calbayog Regional Airport and touched down at around 8:30am. Once off the plane it was obvious that there was an entire entourage of family to greet us and everyone was brimming with smiles. Big ones, little ones, young and old, and a