The Abstract of Time (nothing to do with Filipino Time!).

A Philosophical Concept of Abstract of Time. Have you ever felt the connection between aging and the speed of time? If you have passed the half-century benchmark of living, you absolutely have. Did you know there is actual evidence related to the general impressions of the speed of time, including theories of the purported subjective […]

Spoon or Chopsticks?

Time to Learn a New Language? While reading some of the personal details about the new Philippines president, Duterte, I’ve learned about some of the reasons Duterte holds such a deep dislike for America. And the more I read, the more I learn. The way I understand it, Duterte holds grudges longer than most people […]

Mothers Day in the Philippines

We had been planning to attend a local village fiesta today in the Barangay of Tinambacan Norte, just a short drive up the coast north of where we live. Food, fun, friends and cold drinks – I always look forward to attending fiestas. Well, last night while watching TV, I just happened to ask my […]

My Apologies from Samar, Philippines

I would like to formally apologize for moving to Samar in the Philippines, leading my family, friends and followers to believe that we were actually retiring. That was my original intent anyway! However, the first 60 days have found us scrambling to finish out the house, receive our household goods shipment (2), and get totally […]