Time to Leave Samar… Again!

We arrived back home on Christmas Eve, just this last 2017. It clearly wasn’t enough time to prepare for our annual family Christmas get-together. We did manage to have some close family over and cooked up a spaghetti dinner… what else? Here in the Philippines, spaghetti is a meal usually served on the more festive […]

A Return to Fantasy Island?

Alternate Paradise!       After traveling to Guam last month to set up homestead in what will become our “alternate paradise,” I will be traveling back to Samar next week to pick up a few things, namely some clothes, some personal items, and the Mrs. (being the most important obviously). We plan on spending some time […]

Things That Make the Philippines Go ‘Round!

Life in the Philippines …can be loads of fun. It can also be a bit strange!  Many foreigners who have been visiting these islands for years, and especially those who are permanent residents, know just what to expect from everyday life here. There is a myriad of weirdness here that can both amaze and amuse […]

No Coffee, a Drivers License, and a New Job!

More Than a Sweet Mango Moment! When anyone asks me about what it is like to live in the Philippines, I can always emphatically say that there is never a day that escapes without the unexpected (or expected) happening. Or, in more common terms, there is never a dull moment. Yesterday my wife asked me to […]

How To Ruin a Good Woman!

It’s been nearly 18 months since we retired and relegated ourselves to a quiet life in Samar Province in the Philippines. Since arriving here, generally speaking, life has been pretty laid back and relaxing. And also wonderfully restful in the sense that when you don’t feel like doing something (anything), you just don’t do it. […]

Philippines Postal Service

 Another Mango Moment!   Today we took a ride into town for our first visit to the Calbayog City  Post Office. Up until now, we have had  literally no reason to mail  anything. Today however, I  needed to send an old-fashioned written  and signed letter.  As we entered the Calbayog Post Office building, all  I could […]

Mr. Murphy Follows Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) to Samar

Yesterday I posted a short-short on facebook about how we woke up to such a beautiful day and how that day soured and then ended happily. Well I sensationalized it, if for no other reason, to make me feel good about the outcome in the end. So, as I promised, here is the story in […]

Out of Stock!

ANOTHER SWEET MANGO MOMENT…. Today was a good day for picking up some much-needed groceries so we headed to town after our first cup of coffee. When we get an early start, we will usually stop in at Isla Cafe in Calbayog City for a quick breakfast before the grocery store opens where we can […]

No I Can’t – Yes I Can!

ANOTHER SWEET MANGO MOMENT…  Occasionally, there is a need to keep the banana grove in our back yard in check. Today I removed 5 banana plants from the yard. They grow faster than weeds and they can get really messy and if allowed to get out of control, can become more of a nuisance than […]