When the Power Goes Out in the Philippines

When We Have Scheduled Power Outages in the Philippines… …we head to the beach! Brown-outs here in the Philippines are common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Most notably, my experience with them seem to be while I am watching a good movie or on the computer doing something important. Most times it is nothing more […]

We Need More STIPNER’s ???

Another Sweet Mango Moment The other day I met up with a local contractor to discuss the building of a retaining wall on our new lot which adjoins our current lot. A deep footing and retaining wall needs to be constructed so we can elevate the lot with fill dirt to expand and join the […]

Death and Philippine Tradition – This One is Personal.

In all the years I have spent in the Western Pacific, I have come to know what to expect when it comes to the culture and customs of dealing with loss of life here. I’m not saying I fully understand the whys, I just know how it all plays out. This last week (May 13th) […]

Calbayog Tourism Projects Update

A recent news article captured from The Balita Organization, an online website that carries news from the Philippines News Agency (PNA) as a free public service to Filipinos and everyone else. Calbayog City tags tourism development as one of 2015 priorities February 16, 2015 2:19 pm By Jennifer S. Allegado CALBAYOG CITY, Feb. 15 (PNA) […]

Calbayog City – City of Waterfalls!

Calbayog City – City of Waterfalls! I keep seeing this and hearing this but there seems to be a lack of information as to where many of the area waterfalls are located and directions how to get to some of these scenic spots. (You may visit the Tourism office in Calbayog and they may or […]

“Out of Stock” or a “Nose Bleed”

Sweet Mango Moment I’m not sure how most Filipinos in the Philippines respond to questions in English, but here in Western Samar it seems it is easier to not respond at all or risk a “nose bleed.” The nose bleed is a metaphor for having to “think” too hard about answering a question in English […]

Torpedo Boats of Samar, Philippines

A friend of mine recently asked me if I would be interested in getting together for a planned day trip to Paranas, Samar for a day-long wild boat ride up and down the Ulot River where you can put your courage through the test altogether while enjoying the beautiful deep jungle flora. You will also […]

No Coffee, a Drivers License, and a New Job!

More Than a Sweet Mango Moment! When anyone asks me about what it is like to live in the Philippines, I can always emphatically say that there is never a day that escapes without the unexpected (or expected) happening. Or, in more common terms, there is never a dull moment. Yesterday my wife asked me to […]

Feast of Sto. Niño in the Philippines

Another Sweet Mango Moment Anybody who lives in the Philippines knows or eventually comes to know that January is a month-long celebration for several provinces and cities all over the country honoring the Infant Jesus. It is the Feast of Sto. Niño. Today, while spending some time with my nephew while he worked on his […]