A Return to Fantasy Island?

Alternate Paradise!       After traveling to Guam last month to set up homestead in what will become our “alternate paradise,” I will be traveling back to Samar next week to pick up a few things, namely some clothes, some personal items, and the Mrs. (being the most important obviously). We plan on spending some time […]

Please, Don’t Listen to Me!

Anybody that has spent any length of time in the Philippines knows that while Filipinos can excel at many things, they can be really bad at others. Habitually bad! I haven’t really figured this out except that once Filipinos learn how to do something, there is no teaching that dog a new trick. In other […]

The KIDS HEART, Calbayog City, Samar

Calbayog City – The KIDS HEART is a collection of young Calbayognons who desire to help bring about a marked difference in the lives of the underprivileged kids living in Calbayog City. The organization seeks volunteers and generous hearts who want to make a difference, to raise funds for the benefit of the kids, and […]