My Apologies! I feel sooo…

…Duh! I while back (a month or so ago) I mentioned in a blog post that I had enabled commenting for all posts. I had turned it of well over a year ago because of the spam attacks the site was receiving, which eventually led to this site being hacked, nearly loosing years worth of […]

Beaches and Bowling Balls!

Staying Busy! I get a lot of questions about what life on Guam is like. The simplest way to describe Guam is like this: It is Guamanian (Chamorro), Philippines and America, all rolled into one fun package. Mostly though it is Asian, it is singularly cultural, and the dollar is king. There are NO race relations […]

Paradise Has Changed – Not the Blog!

Some Things Change – Even Paradise!    I would first like to give thanks for all the inspiration I have received recently from many of my readers concerning our decision to move to Guam. Because of all this support, I have decided not to change the overall focus or scope of my blog. I even […]

Comparing Small Island Life to Calbayog City

Written by John T. Van Warrebey: Living in the Philippines is very different and difficult at times. But for some, it brings challenges daily to learn from. I can not think of any comparison to living in the Philippines and say any where in the U.S.  Living in an any small town in the U.S. […]

When the Power Goes Out in the Philippines

When We Have Scheduled Power Outages in the Philippines… …we head to the beach! Brown-outs here in the Philippines are common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Most notably, my experience with them seem to be while I am watching a good movie or on the computer doing something important. Most times it is nothing more […]

Things That Make the Philippines Go ‘Round!

Life in the Philippines …can be loads of fun. It can also be a bit strange!  Many foreigners who have been visiting these islands for years, and especially those who are permanent residents, know just what to expect from everyday life here. There is a myriad of weirdness here that can both amaze and amuse […]

The Philippines and a List of Expectations

One thing that comes to mind with almost all expats before coming to the Philippines to settle is to live the easy life. I have written about the so-called “Easy Life” previously and got some mixed reviews, mostly from those who have not been around the islands long or have only visited here. To qualify both […]

Please, Don’t Listen to Me!

Anybody that has spent any length of time in the Philippines knows that while Filipinos can excel at many things, they can be really bad at others. Habitually bad! I haven’t really figured this out except that once Filipinos learn how to do something, there is no teaching that dog a new trick. In other […]

Phase Three Lands Expat in Cebu, Philippines

Recently I’ve had the privilege of adding a fellow expat as a new facebook friend and as a guest writer to my Retired in Samar blog. I’ve never really solicited the public at large for material for this blog but in Bill Levines’s case, and because he is so passionate about enjoying life here in […]