Retired in Samar MIA – From YouTube

Gone But Not Forgotten! It seems like it has been forever. And with the reminders I get almost daily from my viewers, it has been way too long. March 10th (last Spring) was the last time I posted a video. At that time, I was working on a series of videos documenting our house expansion […]

Home in the Philippines – A Week in Review

Busy, but Slow! It’s not often I write a “Week in Review” or a blog diary of sorts, but maybe it’s because of brain drain this week. Or more likely, because I have been focusing more on my YouTube Channel lately. In any case, I have been busy in that sense, but nothing else that […]

Real Estate Listings – Here and Now.

A New Listing! The first real estate listing for sale has been posted on Retired In Samar. To view the listing, simply return to the home page, locate the Real Estate tab and mouse over Property For Sale. Listings will appear on the right.   Whether you are looking for a custom home….        […]

Up, Up, and Away from Calbayog City!

The other day our 23 year old nephew informed us that he had quit his job and was moving up to Bataan Province to live with his Auntie and family. After high school, he previously spent a short while there working at one of the local factories in Marivelles. Since returning home to Calbayog City (just […]

Pretty Women of ZUMBA in Paradise

Good Looking Women and Paradise Seem to Go Together Well! I have no intentions of describing the beautiful women that live here in the Philippines, but for the sake of those who have never heard of Zumba, I will explain. Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program for all ages, women and men alike. It […]