Time to Leave Samar… Again!

We arrived back home on Christmas Eve, just this last 2017. It clearly wasn’t enough time to prepare for our annual family Christmas get-together. We did manage to have some close family over and cooked up a spaghetti dinner… what else? Here in the Philippines, spaghetti is a meal usually served on the more festive […] Read More

Our Mysterious Tokay Gecko

Living here in Samar Island in the Philippines, I have come to know that I should expect strange things, and if I do, strange things will happen. Recently we discovered that we have a special guest living in our midst. On several occasions, I have caught the youngest of our three cats (Gadget) sitting near […] Read More

On Top of Samar in the Philippines

Why do people climb Mt. Everest? Because it is there. Why did I climb the mountain that overlooks our village of Tomaligues? Because it is here!  Well actually, I needed some photos and my nieces and nephews are always looking for an adventure with their Tito. While it’s not really a mountain, it’s definitely one […] Read More