New Haircut in the Philippines

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Barber Gone… ? Back in my home country, the U.S., it seemed like I was in a constant search for a decent barber, or just on who could remember me after a half-dozen visits and how I liked my hair to be cut. From barber shops to hair salons […]

My Blogging Life is Evolving – Philippines

Start a Blog and Move to the Philippines … and document all the adventures (and mis-adventures) heretofore and hereafter, to entertain the world, er…well, those few that would be interested anyway. Blogging, It seemed easy enough. Actually it has always been easy up until recently. It has been nearly three years (July 3rd) since we […]

Reasons, Reflections, Time Travel, and the Final Frontier!

Reflections Because today is my birthday, and whenever I have a birthday, I like to look back and reflect. I think back of the days when I was a boy growing up, observing my grandfather ease through his remaining days. He mostly hung with the other retired guys at the soda fountain on Main street […]

Cost of Living in the Philippines – Update

How Much Does it Cost…I’ll Buy it! “How much does it cost? I’ll buy it. The time is all we’ve lost. I’ll try it”….  While I’m sure Jonathan Edwards didn’t write this song about living in the Philippines, the lyrics do project forth the idea of possibly living somewhere less intrusive and with more liberty. […]

[Before Paradise] Photo Mess or Mass Confusion!

The last couple days (and I mean full days), have been spent cleaning out a large drawer full of old photos. This drawer has been a dedicated catch all spot over the years every time we come home with another roll of developed photos. It’s just so easy to bring them home, look at them, […]

America is NOT the Greatest Country…Anymore!

This latest post should be filed in the “Justification” category (as if one was really needed) and is nothing more than further evidence that depicts the varied reasons why many (including me) choose to retire, move and live abroad. After watching a “trailer” for an upcoming HBO television series, my gut instinct told me not […]

[Before Paradise] The “Meanderthal” in Me!

Mixed Emotions! I Made some progress but with much emotion as today was a bittersweet day. It was time to depart with something I knew I probably shouldn’t take to the Philippines. When downsizing or preparing to move, there is always something that must be sacrificed. Yesterday I received yet another call from my Craigslist post […]