Leaving the Philippines

The Decision to Leave the Philippines    March 16, 2017 – I traveled to Manila with my niece and we met up with another niece, her cousin, who lives and works in Manila. The purpose of the trip was to investigate 4 different Flight Attendant schools in the Metro Manila area for the younger niece. Over […]

[Before Paradise] Homeless, Unemployed, and Life is Good!

  After a week of deliberations, my wife has sold her business, lock, stock, and barrel. That’s a big relief as we really didn’t want to go through a time-consuming liquidation process selling everything off piece by piece. Teri has been in the custom clothing alterations business for over 18 years and has accumulated a […]

[Before Paradise] Are We There Yet?

Since affirming our decision to move to the Philippines, it feels as if the earth is experiencing some form of rotational drag and is moving slower than a dead gunslinger. Some days it feels like if things were to move much slower, we would be going backwards.  On the other hand, time is just flying […]