Retired in Samar MIA – From YouTube

Gone But Not Forgotten! It seems like it has been forever. And with the reminders I get almost daily from my viewers, it has been way too long. March 10th (last Spring) was the last time I posted a video. At that time, I was working on a series of videos documenting our house expansion […]

Spoon or Chopsticks?

Time to Learn a New Language? While reading some of the personal details about the new Philippines president, Duterte, I’ve learned about some of the reasons Duterte holds such a deep dislike for America. And the more I read, the more I learn. The way I understand it, Duterte holds grudges longer than most people […]

A New Beach Resort in Samar, Philippines

Surprise…A New Beach Resort! Occasionally I will turn on the TV and switch over our local community channel just to see if I can read anything. Many times the notices are in English so no problem. Last week I noticed an advertisement for employment openings at a new resort that is to open soon just […]

Real Estate Listings – Here and Now.

A New Listing! The first real estate listing for sale has been posted on Retired In Samar. To view the listing, simply return to the home page, locate the Real Estate tab and mouse over Property For Sale. Listings will appear on the right.   Whether you are looking for a custom home….        […]

The Philippines and a List of Expectations

One thing that comes to mind with almost all expats before coming to the Philippines to settle is to live the easy life. I have written about the so-called “Easy Life” previously and got some mixed reviews, mostly from those who have not been around the islands long or have only visited here. To qualify both […]