Tropical Storm, Malfunctioning Computer, and a Return to…

Christmas Will Not Wait! The anticipation of returning to Samar for Christmas seemed intense the last few days before departing the island of Guam. We had our flight to Manila arranged with Cebu Pacific. Our bus tickets were waiting for us upon arrival. Our nephew purchased them about a week in advance to ensure we […]

Where Do You Want To Go?

Today, I was browsing my other blog site,, and discovered a new application built upon the Steemit platform. It is a travel digest application which allows Steemit content creators to upload their travel blogs and photos to a world map. The aim of this site is to connect travelers from all over the world and […]

Plumbing, Hardware Stores and the Tacloban “Yolanda” Memorial

Onward to Tacloban! We make an occasional trip now and then to Tacloban on the Island of Leyte, and when we do, we take “The List” with us. It is just a list we compile over time comprised of items we need but cannot find here in Calbayog City, including some things we might like […]

Philippines Exit Clearances (ECC) – Update!

The “Exit Clearance” for Dummies Over time, one of this blog’s most engaging post has been on the topic of “Exit Clearance” to leave the Philippines, Departing the Philippines – Exit Clearances. Many times, those who respond and comment on topics like the Philippines exit clearances have good intentions, but can be technically incorrect sometimes. […]

Up, Up, and Away from Calbayog City!

The other day our 23 year old nephew informed us that he had quit his job and was moving up to Bataan Province to live with his Auntie and family. After high school, he previously spent a short while there working at one of the local factories in Marivelles. Since returning home to Calbayog City (just […]

WOW – The Philippines? Are You Paying Attention?

Why the Philippines? Why now? Sometimes when I make mention of my upcoming move to the Philippines, I get asked “Why the Philippines?” “Isn’t it full of poverty?” and “Isn’t it dangerous there?” Questions run the full gamut and it never ceases to amaze me how so many people on a collective basis can be […]

I Know! I Read it in a Blog!

Almost on a daily basis, I visit my regular chosen blog sites and on occasion, will chip in my two peso’s worth of comments. This last weekend I spent more time than I should have on a couple of other sites and came across some information and an accumulation of comments that varied from potentially […]

Eastern Visaya’s Airport Upgrades

TACLOBAN CITY – Nine Airports here in the region, including seven without passenger aircraft operations, will get a budget of P167.35 million for upgrading, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippine (CAAP) said. Read more…

New Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Air passenger bill of rights to take effect Dec 21 MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – The government on Monday released the “Air Passenger Bill of Rights”, a measure which seeks to protect consumers from certain airline practices such as overbooking and “misleading” promo fares. Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya  and Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo […]