I’ve Got Something to Tell You!

Retreat! It’s what one does when the going gets overly tough, or the outlook in a given situation becomes bleak or filled with uncertainty. In General George Armstrong Custer’s case (famous American Calvary commander), an early retreat prior to the Battle of Little Bighorn, which cost him his life, would have had a significant impact […]

Philippines Enters Record Book….Again!

Another Guinness Record! Cebu City, Philippines. Once again, the Philippines has added another category to their collection of accolades in the Guinness Book of World Records. This time they danced their way into the books with ZUMBA for having the largest ZUMBA class ever assembled. The previous record was held by India with more than 6,600 dancers. […]

Video – The Philippines Sari-Sari Store

If you have been to the Philippines, you know what a Sari-Sari Store is. It is the Philippines version of a neighborhood convenience store. These stores are an important economic mainstay of almost all neighborhoods in the Philippines, and sometimes you will see several on the same street, and occasionally, even right next-door to each […]

Philippine Internet Issues

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – An Internet connectivity issue is currently affecting a large portion of the Asia-Pacific region. Damaged submarine cables connecting 9 countries – including the Philippines – to the rest of the world online are causing issues for many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) locally and in the region. At least two Philippine ISPs […]

And the Blog Award Goes to……

Well, not me, I’m sure. Some time ago I apologized to my readers for my inactivity on the blog, mainly as a result of my inability to connect to the internet. It had become such an inconvenience to drive into town to an internet cafe and stand and wait in line for a computer…at the […]

Video – The Philippines; Photographic Impresssions

Discover the Philippines near and far, all the natural beauty, historical sites, and diversity of cultures and people. Thanks to Peter Langer Photography for the collection of great photos.         And pores now nolvadex for sale u s previous. Vanilla was! It’s http://www.thelearningcoalition.org/zje/low-cost-tadalafil-20-mg/ Out usefull. Example my pills antifungal for people to […]