The Philippines – Some Will Never Adapt.

Why the Philippines Might Not Be Right For You. An important part of making the decision to move to a foreign country is to weigh the pro’s and con’s. It is a different weighting system for most individuals. What one person sees as a good thing, somebody else might cringe at the thought. Over the […]

Climate Change in the Philippines!

A Sunday Solar Event. You are probably asking yourself, “Did I miss something?” Is the climate changing in the Philippines? Yes, It usually does!  Because it is another scorching afternoon here in the Philippines, this post could be more aptly named A Sunday Scorcher, but that doesn’t have a very pleasant connotation to it. Besides, […]

A Christmas Season Typhoon (Follow-up)

A “Grinch” named Nona (Melor)! Last week Mother Nature decided to disrupt everyone’s holiday preparations here in the Central Philippines and present us with her own Season’s Greetings message… and a storm that could have easily been named “Grinch.” Just 11 days before Christmas (14 Dec), we watched a storm develop out of a small […]