[Before Paradise] We’ve Moved!

disruption at home and the interruption in internet service it’s been crazy! With the frantic pace of all the final packing, and the sale (closing) of our home being repeatedly delayed during the last 18 days, it has been like time has been standing still during Typhoon Condition One. I swear I could stare at a clock for twenty minutes and the minute hand would never move.


Totally unaware of her upcoming adventure!

But just last Tuesday our movers arrived, packed and crated all our household goods and personal property…all 8,840 lbs of it. (Teri must have slipped in some extra personal property when nobody was looking!) Yesterday (Monday), we finally closed on the house after several delays and postponements. Personally, it feels like King Kong has been lifted from my shoulders and now I feel much better. Teri and I literally woke up this morning with stiff necks, probably a result of all our recent stress being removed with the closing. We moved into a temporary rental house and will be making preparations to head to the Philippine Embassy in Chicago to get our paperwork in order because me and the cats all need permission to enter the Philippines. First thing though are physicals for all as the cats and I need to be determined Rabies free! I really don’t think the cats will have a problem….me?….well last week would have been a real problem. This week, not so much. 🙂