When the Power Goes Out in the Philippines

When We Have Scheduled Power Outages in the Philippines…

…we head to the beach! Brown-outs here in the Philippines are common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Most notably, my experience with them seem to be while I am watching a good movie or on the computer doing something important. Most times it is nothing more than an inconvenience, lasting only a few seconds to a minute or two. But it is just long enough to lose what you have typed (and in my case before Auto-Save secures it) or miss an important line in a good movie. Sometimes it can go out in the middle of eating supper, and without a flashlight at the ready, can make for some interesting eating!

It is an infrastructure problem mostly, with way too many lines, and way too many trees causing line problems. Some days, the power company will schedule all-day outages (usually on a Saturday) to replace old wooden poles, or repair damage to infrastructure from typhoon damage two seasons ago. In any case, when the power company schedules an all day outage, it is usually a good plan to head to the beach for most of that day. Even though we have a generator at the ready, it is just more relaxing to sit in the shade and cool off in the water when needed. And it is cheaper than running the genset all day. When I do run it, it is usually for an hour or two just to put a charge back into the refrigerator and to cool the house down. But when we are not home, that really doesn’t matter as the ref will stay cold most of the day without anybody opening it.

When we do head to the beach, we will bring plenty to drink and eat, and depending on which beach we head to, we can bring other things to keep us busy like our frisbees, a volleyball set, or the Bocce balls. Yesterday, we took the Bocce balls and headed to Bayog Beach, about 24km north of Calbayog City, here on Samar Island. It is the only beach (picnic area really) that offers a wide open grassy area to spread out and play a game of Bocce, or three!