Zumba, Video and Some Sexy Laundry!

Another Mango Moment!

This evening I dropped the Mrs. off at her ZUMBA dance session and I cruised through town shooting some video clips for a project I’m working on. At the south side of town, I dropped in on my friend UJ and had a beer at his “UJ’s Bar.”  Well, it’s not really a bar, but more of an abandoned fast food stand that sits out front of his house. I have tried to convince him to put a nipa roof on it, place a couple of bamboo bar stools out front, and hang a sign that says “Ice Cold Beer” and he would surely find a way to pay for his own Red Horse expenses. He is currently engaged in high level discussions with his “Higher Authority” about such a venture.

UJ's Bar

UJ’s Bar

Meanwhile, we sat at the bar alongside the road way, enjoyed a couple beers and observed the comings and goings on at the Ciriaco Hotel and Resort across the street. As we sat there, UJ pointed out a certain window on the third floor… so I obliged him and created a video (below).


More Fun in the Philippines!

We waited a long time and then the room lights came on, and we waited some more… but nobody came to the balcony to claim their item of clothing. We did surmise the possibility that it was the only pair “she” owned, so we sat and waited…and waited…and… well, we eventually got tired of waiting and called it a night! I guess we will never know!